Wagging Pawsibilities focuses on integrity, compassion, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence in the care and support of our clients and their pets.

We help your dogs to build confidence to succeed as they master all kinds of skills in a simple step-by-step process. We only use positive-reinforcement training methods, which everyone in your family can master and embrace.

Recent Tail Wags

If you have a new puppy, feel lost as a first time dog owner, or need someone to come into your home and work miracles with your dog, call up Ethan! Ethan really breaks down the obedience class step by step, and scaffolds the commands to fit wherever your pup is at. I've felt so inspired to do what's best for our dog and practice the tools that the classes have given us.
Carolyn H.
Joey's Human
Our rescue Mila absolutely no idea how to interact with people, other dogs, or how to behave in a home. We had her for about two weeks when my husband and I realized we were in way, way over our heads as far as training goes. Fast forward two months later and our little tasmanian devil of a dog now knows twelve commands and we are working on another two or so. This was the best decision we've made with our dogs!
Courtney M.
Mila's Human
Ethan worked wonders with all of the dogs in our group class! Beyond that though, he also worked wonders with all of the humans. He taught us how to build strong relationships with our dogs through training and playing. Ethan's ability to teach people how to train their dogs goes unparalleled by any other trainer I have worked with. Many trainers are either great with the dogs or the humans but he is wonderful with both.
Miranda O.
Adore's + Joy's Human
We adore Ethan almost as much as our two dogs do! He has such knowledge and patience with dogs and truly amazed us with his guidance. Ethan gave us weekly training tools and proficiently guided us before leaving us to work with our pets. The only way he could have done his job better would be to offer to live with us and train them daily! 🙂 A+...aka 5 Stars for Ethan!!!
Laura B.
Lucy's + Marvin's Human

Learn How We Give Back

In addition to being able to help families create a better and positive bond with their dogs, we feel like we have a responsibility to give back to the community. Rescuing dogs is a mission that is very close to our hearts; in addition to supporting rescue dogs with training, Wagging Pawsibilities donates a percentage from our revenue every quarter back to different shelters.


Rescuing dogs is very important to us at Wagging Pawsibilities. In fact, Ethan’s dream is to start a dog rescue overseas where dogs might be less fortunate.

In the meantime, we are helping dogs by working closely with rescues such as Animal Rescue of the Rockies to support foster dogs with behavioral issues that have arisen due to previous home or lack of and living situations. By assisting in teaching rescue dogs more desirable behaviors, we are helping them become more adoptable and more likely to stay in their forever homes.

You can join our mission by sponsoring a training session or a training package for a foster dog

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Email: waggingpawsibilities@gmail.com
Phone: (303) 960-7714

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