Puppy Play Socialization

During this weekly social hour, we will work on play time, socialization, body handling and basic skills like coming when called while your puppy is playing and getting the puppy used to being handled by other people. We have hula hoops, tunnels and other fun toys for your puppy to engage with. 

The sooner the better when it comes to socialization so puppies are welcome to join from 10 weeks of age. This class is a great start while you are waiting for the next round of basic obedience.

Puppy Play Drop-In sessions do not have to be consecutive. You will purchase a 5-pack of classes that can be used when is convenient for your schedule. 

 Our puppy playtime is split into two age groups: 

  • SMALL PUPPIES (up to 5-6 months old) Sundays at 9 am
  • OLDER/LARGER PUPPIES (6+ months or large breed puppies) Sundays at 11:15 am

COST: $45 for a 5-pack of drop-in sessions. On your first session, you will receive a punchcard for future sessions.


Puppy Play FAQs

After purchasing a 5-session pack, you are welcome to attend the appropriate puppy play session for your dog (based on size and age).

Upon arrival the first day, please let us know so  you will receive a punch card for 5 sessions. Please keep your card and bring it to every puppy play session so our trainer can sign your card. We can’t keep track of how many sessions you have left and therefore can’t replace any lost or stolen cards.

You don’t have to show up for 5 consecutive weeks and you can even attend puppy play on the different days of the week that we offer them.

Once your 5 punches are up, you are welcome to purchase another card. 

This is not a drop off class. You should stay with your dog as you are an integral part of helping your dog to learn. Please bring treats to puppy play to reward your puppy’s good behaviors.

Yes, unless we skip a week due to a holiday. If we skip a week, we will announce that on our FB page and your trainer will announce any upcoming breaks in advance in class. If you are not sure, please contact us a few days ahead via email or phone. (We can’t guarantee same day response.)

Smaller puppy play group is designed for younger puppies and/or smaller breeds. Usually we graduate the puppies to bigger puppy play group once they are 6 months old, or even a little younger for bigger breeds. We also go on a case by case basis and take into account the puppy’s personality and energy level when deciding when it is time to switch to bigger puppy play.

Your trainer can let you know when it is time for your puppy to attend bigger puppy play.  If you have any questions regarding which group your puppy should start with, simply send us an email and let us know how old they are and how much your puppy weighs and we will let you know which class will be better.

Once you switch between puppy plays, you can keep using the same punch card.

We usually have anywhere from 4 to 15 puppies in Puppy Socialization.

Early socialization is essential for the healthy growth of your puppy and is crucial in preventing behavioral issues in the future. It’s been a debate between veterinarians for decades whether to start socialization earlier or to wait until the puppy has received vaccines. However, it has been the wide-spread opinion that it’s better for puppies to be socialized as soon as possible. According to the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior), the first three months is the primary window of opportunity for puppies to adapt to new people, animals, and experiences and it is in the first 3 months that sociability outweighs fear. 

With that being said, it is very important for us that all puppies are safe while socializing and building confidence. Here is what we do to ensure this:

-We require that puppies are up to date on their age appropriate vaccines before they can attend puppy play. 

-We also spray the play area with Top Performance 256 (which eliminates more than 50 viruses, including canine influenza, canine parvovirus and giardia) in order to disinfect and deodorize the play area.

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