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The Fairy Dawg Mother works with trusted partners in Colorado and nearby states to bring dawgs to the Denver Metro area, where they will have a better chance at adoption. We do our best to select dogs that will be highly successful candidates for placement with a new furever family, but change can be stressful for even the most easy-going dawg. Because of this, we work with foster families to start getting them stabilized, learn about each dawg’s individual temperament, and provide training and guidance to the dawg.

Because of this investment in getting to know the animals in our care, adopting a dog isn’t a super quick and easy process. However, we hope that you will choose to be as invested and committed to your dawg family as the Fairy Dawg Mother has been. Getting these pups ready for their furever home is a labor of love. We hope you will join us on this journey!

We have rescued almost 1500 dogs since 2011!



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WE are RESCUED FOR LIFE, a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit charitable animal rescue based in Aurora, Co. We are committed to reducing the stray cat and dog population worldwide, rescuing and rehabilitating feral cats, shelter and farm animals.

We are devoted to the community in many ways here at Rescued for Life! One of them being the spay/neutering and rehabilitation of feral cats. With the overpopulation of feral cats in our great community, we must act now and bring awareness to the suffering of our feline friends. Part of our budget is dedicated to the spay/neutering of these animals to ensure that the suffering and countless deaths end.

Another part of the mission of Rescued for Life is saving the lives of our local farm animals, who have been deemed “disposable” as if they no longer have a purpose. We believe differently and offer to give these animals the life they deserve in our sanctuary, “Gnadenhof.” At the Gnadenhof space is very limited. We aim to expand and work with other animal rescues and sanctuaries to sponsor these animals while actively using our resources efficiently.

Our members and volunteers here at Rescued for Life believe in our mission and our cause and that these animals deserve better. We have served these animals and our community for over a decade and will continue to do so until these animals get the lives they deserve. Through the exceptional members and volunteers here at Rescued for Life, we have built a foundation dedicated to making a difference.


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