Private Training

Private training is better tailored for dogs who have a harder time focusing in a group setting. It’s also a great fit for cases in which behavior modification is needed, for families that have more than one dog or if we need to work with additional family members,  if you are a new pet-parent, if behaviors happen only or mostly at the house, or if you simply would rather have the convenience of working with your dog and a trainer at home.

Private training is characterized by 1-on-1 attention and the training is customized and tailored to your specific needs. In private training we can accomodate irregular schedules so you don’t have to commit to a specific day of the week.

NEW! Private Training + Combo Group Classes

We are now offering Combination Packages that combine Private Training to work with your dog on his/her specific needs PLUS a group class to provide extra support in his/her behavioral development. 

Save $35 when you purchase a combination of private training and group classes.

NOTE: You don’t have to choose which class you want to take when you sign up for the combination but you need to know if you are interested in a Reactive Class versus an Obedience/Fun Class.

If you feel your dog isn’t quite ready for a group class after completing your private training package, you can add another private training package between your current training and the group class.

Want to work with Ethan but can't make it in person?

Wagging Pawsibilities Private Training is also available virtually!

Meet with Ethan online to discuss specific issues or work through an individualized training plan for you and your best bud!

1 session $70

3 sessions $195

6 sessions $360

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