Rescue Successes

Wagging Pawsibilities helps dogs by working closely with a few rescues and supporting foster dogs with behavioral issues that have arisen due to previous home or lack of  and living situations.

By assisting in teaching rescue dogs more desirable behaviors, we are helping them become more adoptable and more likely to stay in their forever homes.  Read on to learn more about the dogs we’ve helped overcome the rough start in life they’ve had!​

Meet some of our PAWesome Rescue Pups

Want to support rescue dogs, too?

You can join our mission by sponsoring a training package for a foster dog! 

To become a training sponsor, please choose a package amount below which you would like to donate.  We will then match you with a rescue foster that is in need of training within 1-2 weeks. You will be notified via email who the dog is that you are financially supporting and with which rescue they are with.  You will also receive a thank you note from the dog you’re helping!


Sponsorship Package Options

Discovering Pawsibilities 

Private Consultation // $120 value

Pawsitive Start

Package of 3 Private Training Sessions // $345 value

Pawsful Pooch 

Package of 6 Private Training Sessions // $630 value

Ruff Life

Package of 10 Private Training Sessions // $950 value

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