Rescue Successes

Wagging Pawsibilities helps dogs by working closely with a few rescues and supporting foster dogs with behavioral issues that have arisen due to previous home or lack of  and living situations.

By assisting in teaching rescue dogs more desirable behaviors, we are helping them become more adoptable and more likely to stay in their forever homes.  Read on to learn more about the dogs we’ve helped overcome the rough start in life they’ve had!​

Meet some of our PAWesome Rescue Pups

Mouse, aka Mickey, was returned to the rescue after three years. The other dog in the household kept attacking her and she was having to defend herself. Through a combination of private training and a reactive dog class, Mickey’s reactivity has decreased dramatically and she is much more confident.
Brutus is another wonderful adoption story. After working with Wagging Pawsibilities through private training, Brutus learned not to jump or mouth and the reactivity he had with his first foster was completely gone. He was adopted in 2018.
Teddy, aka Bishop,who is a Cattle Dog/Chow mix, was adopted out and returned 3 times. Through private training, we helped him to work on his shyness and to adjust to his new home. Bishop is now happily adopted and even goes with his mom to work every so often!
Rocco is a little chihuahua mix that was severely abused prior to coming to ARR. Through a combination of private training and group classes, Rocco improved his confidence and regained his trust in people. Rocco is now enjoying being cared for by his fosters who are currently considering adopting him.
Luna came to ARR from Salina, KS. She was adopted within a week and then returned due to leash reactivity. Through a combination of private training and a reactive dog group class, Luna’s reactivity dramatically decreased in tight spaces and she learned not to jump. She was successfully re-adopted.
Fred was saved by ARR from his abusive adopters in 2017. He had been adopted for four years, but was kept in terrible conditions. Fred was rescued again and finally found his forever home in December 2018. Fred adores ALL people and is now a Service Dog and knows tasks such as brace and picking up items.
Ellie was only a six month old puppy when she arrived to ARR. This sweet girl had a rough life and she was returned twice. When Ellie finally found the perfect foster parents, she was protective of her home, unsure when people came over, as well as reactive to other dogs. Through a combination of private training and a reactive dog class, Ellie has become welcoming of people and dogs into her home. In fact, her foster parents are expecting another foster dog very soon!
Jack arrived from TX, where he was an owner surrender. HW positive and severely underweight, Jack was extremely scared, afraid of most men, and lacked confidence. He wasn’t house trained nor did he have any other training. Wagging Pawsibilities worked with his foster to start building Jack’s confidence. Through private training, Jack regained his confidence and he is now happily adopted by a wonderful couple.

Want to support rescue dogs, too?

You can join our mission by sponsoring a training package for a foster dog! 

To become a training sponsor, please choose a package amount below which you would like to donate.  We will then match you with a rescue foster that is in need of training within 1-2 weeks. You will be notified via email who the dog is that you are financially supporting and with which rescue they are with.  You will also receive a thank you note from the dog you’re helping!


Sponsorship Package Options

Discovering Pawsibilities 

Private Consultation // $120 value

Pawsitive Start

Package of 3 Private Training Sessions // $345 value

Pawsful Pooch 

Package of 6 Private Training Sessions // $630 value

Ruff Life

Package of 10 Private Training Sessions // $950 value

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