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Wagging Pawsibilities was established in 2013 by senior dog trainer Ethan Bonen, also a trainer for the Aurora Parks and Recreation department.

Ethan and his team have extensive experience utilizing positive reinforcement methods to help dogs with socialization, obedience, anxiety, reactivity, aggression, potty training, barking, loose leash walking and more.

Meet Ethan Bonen, Lead Trainer & Owner

In addition to Ethan’s B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, he is also a graduate of three different dog training schools located in two different countries. Ethan lived in Germany for four years and was involved in the process of testing army and police dogs. In 2010, he completed two different dog training schools, where he learned various training techniques. Upon moving to the states in 2012, he completed a third dog training certificate with Animal Behavior College, which included continuing education programs in rehabilitation of shelter dogs, cat training, and the art of private training.

Ethan is a mentor for Animal Behavior College dog training school and mentors 10-15 students per year. He is excited to be able to influence the next generation of dog trainers to use positive reinforcement methods.


Ethan has also been one of the trainers for the city of Aurora Park and recreation department since 2014. As part of schooling, Ethan trained client’s dogs, dogs at high risk of euthanasia, and participated in the process of training service dogs. He also participated in programs to create a better relationship between dogs and children by teaching elementary students about different dogs breeds and connecting them to dogs through agility and play. On top of that, Ethan also accompanied therapy dogs to mental hospitals where non-communicative patients would sit with the dogs, pet them and talk to them. Those dogs were a blessing to the patients, teaching them to trust. Currently, Ethan has been volunteering and working closely with several rescues including Animal Rescue of the Rockies, Pawsco and Shiba Inu Rescue.

Ethan moved to Colorado in 2012 and Started Wagging Pawsibilities in 2013. Ethan is the proud father of Twiggy (Belgian Malinois, 6 years old).  Twiggy was rescued in Colorado at the age of 6 months after being tossed from a semi-truck on the I-76 . Being a huge dog lover, Ethan is very excited to put his skills and experience to use in helping you train your dog into a reliable companion and a valuable family member!

Meet Amanda Matthews, Trainer

Amanda Photo for Bio

Amanda is a group class instructor and a private trainer and has been working with Wagging Pawsibilities since 2017.  

Amanda has always loved animals, but dogs have always been her favorite. Ever since meeting Mondo, her childhood dog, she knew that helping man’s best friend is her number one goal in life. Mondo was very small and scared and shied away from most moving objects and Amanda experienced first hand many of the challenges that dogs and their families have to overcome for a healthy and happy home.

To better pursue that goal, Amanda attended Animal Behavior College and graduated with a dog training degree. 

While in school, she volunteered at several animal shelters across the Denver metro area and worked at a doggie daycare, where she received hands-on experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes. While there, she was also able to observe canine behavior and learn how dogs best interact with others.

Amanda completed her ABC externship with Wagging Pawsibilities, where she learned all about the advantages and possibilities of using positive-reinforcement, choice-based training.  On top of working with Wagging Pawsibilities, Amanda is working with children in her local community to teach them the proper ways to interact with dogs and currently taking classes to learn about the techniques and benefits of canine massage therapy. 

Amanda has three dogs: Axl, Koda & Kiara. Axl and Koda are brothers and Amanda adopted them from a client. Koda is a complete snuggle bug and the boys get along like cheese and bread. Kiara was found by Amanda’s fiancée at work, where the mother had abandoned her. So he brought her home and, together, they nursed her back to health. She’s never left house or their hearts. 

Amanda is passionate about positive reinforcement training techniques and can’t wait to help you navigate the path with your dog via private training or group classes.

Meet Eske McCown, Trainer & Customer Relations

Wagging Pawsibilities_Eske McCown_Dog Trainer

Eske is a group class instructor and private trainer who has been working with, and studying under, Ethan since 2020.  

His passion for teaching Positive Reinforcement, Choice-Based Training stems from over 2 decades of volunteering at animal shelters and rescues across Mid & East Texas, Pensacola, Florida, Greece and Siem Cambodia. He loves to continuously learn and some of his favorite books he’s read are Kathy Sdao’s “Plenty In Life Is Free – Reflections On Dogs, Training and Finding Grace“ & “The Other End of the Leash” by Patricia McConnell. He is also pursuing the continuation of his education in dog & cat full life-cycle nutrition and focused training for rehabilitation for reactive and anxious dogs.

Eske is the proud guardian of Skuld (GSD/ Husky), and 2 domestic shorthair cats, Daniela the Voidcat and Geralt of Isla Mujeres.

Eske is very excited to help you and your dog achieve your training goals through In-Home Training &/or Group Classes with positive reinforcement, choice-based training techniques. He looks forward to seeing you soon and facilitating your dog becoming the best version of themselves!

Our Philosophy

Wagging Pawsibilities dog training lessons are specially designed to encourage dogs to build confidence as they master all kinds of necessary skills in a simple, step-by-step process. We utilize only positive dog training methods, which your entire family can easily master and embrace. These training methods are gentle, kind and compassionate. At Wagging Pawsibilities we are dedicated to creating a better understanding and a better bond between pet parents and their dogs.

Positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog for their good behavior rather than punishing them for bad behavior. By rewarding your dog, you are making the good behavior more likely to reoccur.  Using positive reinforcement is humane, engaging, fun and science- based.

Dogs who are trained using positive reinforcement are happier, more involved and outgoing and will listen to you, because you are working on building communication skills with them. Based on your training with your dog, they know that what you ask them to do is in their best interest, rather than acting out of fear.

Instead of waiting for the bad behavior to happen, we believe in being proactive and helping breaking it down for your dog, so that they can understand what is expected of them. We believe in choice- based training and in guiding your dog to make the right choices on their own, which results in lifelong learning.

We’re fully insured, too!

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