Reactive Paws Class

10-28-13 0

Class is 1 hour per week, 5 weeks long.

Do you have a dog that exhibits on-leash reactivity, such as barking and lunging, when he or she sees other dogsDoes your dog become stressed, uncomfortable, or over-aroused in the presence of other dogs, and do you have a hard time keeping your dog calm and focused when other dogs are around? 

This may be the class for you!

Reactive Paws class will help you understand your dog’s reactivity, and will give you methods for managing and modifying it.” Our goal is to help you teach your

dog focus, impulse control, and relaxation, so that walks and outings can be more fun and less stressful for you both . Over time we can change the dog’s emotional response to his or her “triggers.

Dogs who do NOT fit into Reactive Paws Class:

-Dogs who have done major damage to another dog (such as hospitalizing another dog)

-Dogs who are aggressive towards people

-Dogs who bite their handlers when their handlers try to redirect them from focusing on another dog

For dogs who do not fit into a Reactive Rover class, we would recommend consulting with an in-home trainer first.

Class is 1 hour per week, 5 weeks long.

There is a limit of 5 dogs per class.