Puppy play-socialization

05-09-15 0

Class is on a drop in basis- once a week

Puppy socialization is very important. In our drop in class, your puppy gets to play with other puppies around his age, to learn what is a good play and learn bite inhibition. We usually have hula hoops, tunnels and toys for your puppy to play.

You can purchase 5 sessions play for $45.00

Please note that a PayPal fee is being added to online payment.


Class location:

Seven Hills Veterinary hospital, 18325 E Girard Ave, Aurora, CO 80013

Young puppies- Monday at 6 pm/ Saturday at:  11:30  am (until 07.13.19) and 11:45 am (07.13.19 on)

Older puppies- Saturdays at 1:30 pm (Until 07.13.19) and 2:15 pm (07.13.19 on)  and Thur at 6 pm (Starting on 07.11.19)