Meet Our Co-Trainers


Amanda Matthews, ABC-DT


Amanda is a group class instructor and a private trainer.

Amanda has always loved animals, but dogs has always been her favorite as she always had a house full of pets. Ever since meeting Mondo (her childhood dog) who was very scared little and who barked and shied away from most moving objects, and experiencing first hand the challenges that dogs can bring, she knew that helping man’s best friend is her goal in life.   


To better pursue that goal, she attended Animal Behavior College and graduated with a dog training degree. While in school, She volunteered at several animal shelters across the Denver metro area and worked at a doggie daycare, where she got hands on experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes. While there she was also able to observe canine behavior and learn how dogs best interact with others.


Amanda had her ABC externship with Wagging Pawsibilities, where she learnt all about the advantages and possibilities of using positive-reinforcement choice-based training. Since graduating, she has adopted yet another puppy, Koda James, who is her pride and joy. She is also working with children in her local community to teach them the proper ways to interact with dogs and currently taking classes to learn about the techniques and benefits of canine massage therapy. Amanda has been working with Wagging Pawsibilities since 2017.  




Crissie Bennett, ABC-DT


Crissie is a group class instructor and a private trainer.

Crissie grew up in California where she attended the California State University of Fresno and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science and moved to the Denver area in 2005.


Crissie has raised animals all of her life and got interested in dog training about 10 years ago when she adopted her first husky. She attended group classes with her last 3 dogs and found it both challenging and rewarding.  As she worked with her dogs she realized that many other people were having the same problems that she was having. She wanted to be able to help people not only train their dogs but also build a better relationship with them. That is when she decided to attend Animal Behavior College where she graduated with honors to become an ABC-DT (Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer).  


Crissie also volunteers at a local rescue (Dancing Dog Rescue) helping shelter dogs learn basic obedience skills that would help them be more adoptable. She enjoys being able to help those dogs have a chance at a better life. She recently brought home her first foster dog which allows her to provide a home to a dog that would otherwise be living in the shelter, as well as training.  


On top of being a dog trainer, Crissie also has a career in the pharmacy field.  She has been a pharmacy technician for almost 20 years. For the last 11 of those years she has specialized in compounding, where she makes medications for both people and animals.


In her spare time she plays both ice and roller hockey and enjoy riding motorcycles. She is the proud parent of 3 dogs and 2 cats. Tucker, a 15 year old Dachshund/Rat Terrier mix, Iorek, a 4 year old Husky/Shepard mix, Lyra, a 2 year old Husky/Beagle mix and Max and Bell, 8 year old Domestic Shorthairs. 




Ruben Binder, ABC-DT


Ruben is a group class instructor and a private trainer.

Ruben was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Growing up in Germany, his family had a wide range of animals. He grew up with 3 dogs, 3 turtles, 2 lovebirds, 1 iguana, cats, horses, hamsters, bunnies and even a dove that his family rescued with a broken wing. He always ended up spending most of his time playing with his three dogs.


Ruben moved to Florida with his family when he was 13 years old. After moving to Florida, his love for dogs only strengthened. He rescued his dog named Aura at three month old from an animal shelter. Ruben then realized he wanted to make caring for dogs his full-time career. He started a pet service business where he worked together with a certified dog trainer.


After spending most of his life in Germany and Florida, Ruben decided to move to Denver where he started his certificate with Animal Behavioral College and continued growing his Dog Walking business. He then had his ABC externship with Wagging Pawsibilities, where he gained even more knowledge about the different styles of choice-based and positive-reinforcement training methods.