Meet Our Lead Dog Trainer

Ethan Bonen, ABC-DT

In addition to Ethan’s B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering he is also a graduate of three different dog training schools located in two different countries. Like many others, Ethan never thought he would turn his love to dogs into a career but he is fortunate to be able to do what he loves the most: helping pets and their parents understand each other better and achieve their training goals, enjoying the most from their life together!


Ethan is a mentor for Animal Behavior College dog training school and mentors 10-15 students per year. He is excited to be able to influence the next generations of dog trainers to use positive reinforcement methods. Ethan is also one of the trainers for the city of Aurora Park and recreation department.

Ethan lived in Germany for four years and was involved in the process of testing army and police dogs. On 2010, he completed two different dog training schools, where he learned various training techniques. Upon moving to the states on 2012 he completed a third dog training certificate with Animal Behavior College, which included continuing education programs in cat training, rehabilitation of shelter dogs and the art of private training.


As a part of his schooling, Ethan spent one and a half years in two different dog kennels and trained different breeds including few service dogs. He trained client’s dogs, as well as shelter dogs that were at high risk for euthanization. Those dogs would be placed into loving homes after being trained.


Ethan participated in a program that was designed to create better relationship and understanding between children and dogs. He taught elementary school students about the different breeds and connected the children and the dogs through agility and play.


Ethan also accompanied therapy dogs to mental hospitals, where he was so pleased to see how some of the patients, who would not communicate with anybody else, would sit for a long hour and pet a dog or talk to them. Those dogs were a blessing to the patients, teaching them to trust.


Ethan also participated in different programs that were designed to rehabilitate shelter dogs. The dogs would be initially evaluated and then a training program would be put into place to ensure that the dogs would get to a more adoptable state and would be less likely to be returned to the shelter. All shelter dogs were trained with positive reinforcement and marker/clicker training. Ethan also participated in a Red Cross CGC program on Fort Knox, KY and volunteered in various dog shelters.


In 2012 Ethan moved to beautiful Colorado and is proud to call it home now.


Ethan is the proud father of Twiggy (Belgian Malinois, 5 years old).  Twiggy was rescued in Colorado at the age of 6 months after being tossed from a semi-trailer on the I-76 .


Being a huge dog lover, Ethan is so excited to put his skills and experience into helping you train your dog into a reliable companion and a valuable family member!