Mika is a 2 year old German shepherd mix. Training Mika was a part of Ethan’s schooling requirements and final testing. Mika was rescued from a high-kill shelter and had no training background. Ethan worked with Mika for two months on various obedience cues and by the end of the two months Mika was able to do all obedience cues on leash as well as off-leash. After Mika was fully trained, she was placed with an adopting family and found a forever home. Both Mika and her new family are absolutely delighted with each other!



twiggyEthan recently adopted Twiggy who is 6 months old Belgian Malinois. Sadly, she was thrown out of a semi-trailer on the I-76, malnourished and, as you can imagine, very fearful. At first, Twiggy was very skittish – her tail was tucked between her legs and she refused to jump in our out of the car, go up or down the stairs as well as refused to leave the house or even enter the front door. Poor Twiggy was petrified of everybody and everything. Ethan worked with Twiggy on increasing her confidence and created a good, solide bond between them. Currently Twiggy is not that skittish anymore, she happily jumps into and out of the car, climbs up and down the stair,s and her tail is always up and wagging. She isn’t startled anymore by noises or new people. Although her training is still progressing, in just a few short weeks, Twiggy has done a 180.


twixBefore meeting Ethan I spent well over $1k on other trainers in the Denver area. After the investment of a lot of time and money, both of us were frustrated and the results were not what I expected. Twix was trained in a controlled environment where he learned to be perfect. When he got out to the real world, all of his training went out the door. Neither one of us were trained for real world scenarios. I had almost given up when I met Ethan. Wagging Pawsilibilites promised real world training and set us up for success. Ethan’s approach was refreshing, patient, and filled with insight that helped both me and Twix dramatically improve. Now that Twix’s behavior is under control, there is more training that I plan to do with Wagging Pawsibilities. I highly recommend Wagging Pawsibilities to anyone who has a little or a lot of training needs for your dog.

~Lauren & Twix


happyWe adopted a shelter dog we knew little about and we soon learned that our new family member was reactive and afraid.  Committed to helping our dog learn manners and calm behaviors, we pursued private training for building our dog’s confidence and achieving basic obedience.  Ethan’s approach, experience and knowledge are fantastic; thanks to Ethan, our dog is demonstrating results!

~Alana, Peter & Happy


mitzvaI adopted a dog from Aurora Rescue. Someone had cut his throat and placed sharp objects in his paws. Ethan came over and helped make this sad withdrawn dog into a happy, very loving and obedient dog. Ethan models his training for me and my dog. Mitzvah is going to become a companion dog for my PTSD and depression. I would recommend Ethan with my whole heart.

~ Sandy Marsik & Mitzva